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Home Repair Columbus Ohio Article

home repair Columbus Ohio company wrenchHome repair Columbus Ohio covers a wide variety of tasks from simple cleaning of windows, pruning of plants, or regular checks of your house to identify and repair any potential problems, doing minor repair jobs such as fixing a leaking tap to larger jobs such as repainting your home. Many maintenance and repair tasks such as regular cleaning don’t require the services of an expert while other such as painting may force you to seek the services of a professional. There are many benefits of doing regular home maintenance and repairs. Some of this benefits include; helping to maintain the value of your property, prolonging the life of building materials, improving the appearance of your property and being able to detect and fix minor problems before they become major and more expensive. On the other hand, there are also consequences of not doing regular home maintenance and repair. Some, if this consequences, include; accelerated or premature failure of building materials, loss of value assets and increased costs of repairs.

Having a proper home repair Columbus Ohio contractor and maintenance plan can make a huge difference in your bank account. The good news is that performing home repair does not require you to have a specialized training or a lot of cash. In this article, we are going to give you some simple home repair tips that will make a huge difference in your home.


Water leaking from your toilets tank will not only increase your utility bill but will also cause a great damage to your toilets floor and premature wear and tear to your toilets internal working. The good thing is that it is very easy to find out if your toilet tank is leaking. All that you have to do is to add a blue or red coloring to water inside the tank then give it about one hour. If the water in the bowl also turns out to be red or blue, then it means that your flappers need to be replaced. To replace your toilets flapper, you need to first turn off water valve that is located directly behind your toilet. If the toilet tank is full, flush the water first before you begin the process of replacing. Remove the old flapper from the overflow tube and replace it with a now one, then turn the water supply back on.


The main reason why faucets usually leak is because of worn out washers. Washers inside the faucets usually are made of rubber which tends to wear quickly. Before replacing them, ensure that you first turn off the water supply.

Air conditioning:

Although crucial, the air conditioning system is actually one of the most overlooked appliances when it comes to performing regular home repair tasks. If you don’t regularly check and do some minor repair on your air conditioning system, you may end up spending more in future. Some of the crucial areas that you need to check regularly include the condensation hose. You need to ensure that water flows freely in this section. In addition to that, you also need to keep the screen around your air conditioning unit free from debris because they can prevent air from flowing freely, a factor that will force the air conditioning unit to use more power to maintain the desired temperature within the house. This will not only increase your energy bill but will also cause wear and tear to internal parts.

Drafty windows:

Drafty windows can also increase your energy bill during summer and winter season. You need to check them periodically to see if the caulk line that usually hold the window is in place. If it is dry, weathered or crashed, you need to remove it with a box cutter and replace it with a new one. To lower your energy bill, you should replace your old windows with new energy saving windows. This will help reduce your heating costs by up to 50%.

The gutters:

The main function of the gutter is to capture runoff from the roof and divert it away from the foundation. However, if you don’t maintain your gutters on a regular basis, you will not be able to properly divert debris and water from the roof. Home repair Columbus Ohio Experts recommend that you should clean your gutters at least twice a year by removing all accumulated debris and thoroughly rinsing them using a garden hose. Do not install gutter guards because they will give you a nightmare when it comes to cleaning the gutters. In addition to that, you should always conduct a regular inspection to check if the gutters are attached to the fascia board and repair any gutters that appear to be damaged or misaligned. Gutter installations fall under home repair Columbus Ohio guidelines. We have a recommended maintenance schedule specifically for this. Contact us today for more information.

Air filters:

Your air filters need to be changed regularly especially during peak usage months. Home repair Columbus Ohio Experts recommend that you should change your air filter every few months if not used regularly. Using a cheap fiberglass filter is usually a better option than using a more expensive HEPA because of the following reasons. First fiberglass filter allows more air to flow through thus helping to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool or heat your home. Secondly, it is actually more expensive to replace filters, therefore, choosing a cheaper option will help you save costs.

Water heater:

Have you ever experience a scenario where you go to take a shower and when you turn on your water heater, instead of receiving hot water your end receiving cold water? If yes then you probably know how frustrating that scenario can be. Just like any other appliance in your house, water heater also needs regular repair and maintenance to prolong its lifespan and reduce the possibility of damage. Some sediments may find their way into your water heater causing damage. It is therefore recommended that you drain water from the heater and remove sediments that have accumulated. Before you begin the cleaning process, ensure that you first turn off the water supply and the power.


Humidifiers are a very important appliance because it helps to regulate moisture levels during the winter season when artificial heating system are in use. However, if these systems are not working properly, they actually become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, a factor that can seriously comprise the quality of air in the house as well as cause illness. It therefore very important to clean the entire system at the end of every winter season to keep them in good condition.

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